Cochon Records Presents


Miss Massive Snowflake, Little Debbie

Wed, January 30, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Brick & Mortar Music Hall

San Francisco, CA

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 18 and over

Facebook comments:

James Caperton is judy experience. audio/visual modern but timeless psych extravaganza. His live show floats through many moons and moods; freak out guitar wanks and sax improvisations.

"His first Judy Experience record, which is out on Cochon, is one of my favorite things in the world. Everybody who I play it for falls in love with it, and James, immediately. It's the ultimate fuck music, cook music, think music. I don't know. It's dark and dreamy.
...the new Judy Experience music! From the movie! It's totally my new favorite record, and I don't know any of the songs' names. It's a lot more guitar-driven than the last record. Sort of, I think I would use the word "metal". But there're also, towards the end of album, some particularly delicious saxophone screech psycho runaway train rendezvous as well. He's such a perfectionist. He's got his sound together. It's really inspiring."

Max Steele; this is fag city, http://fagcity.blogspot.com/
Miss Massive Snowflake
Miss Massive Snowflake
Little Debbie was born under the neon lights of a suburban Super Market. It is within Safeways' ice cream isles Debbie wondered aimlessly in a dazed stupor for what may have been an eternity. Feeling bored, isolated and depressed Deborah would swallow all the cookies and candies she could get her hands on. But all the sweets in the world couldn't satisfy the deep and painful inner hunger of her soulless soul.

Yes, Debbie was a sad hedonist, there's something almost Satanic about her yearning to be constantly filled with pleasure and love. She wants to feel the intensity of life and yet feels stuck in a role of a corporate puppet. Compulsively consuming junk that will rot her teeth, her brain, heart, liver and ultimately give her the crappiest corporate hangover of them all - cancer/death.

Well, luckily, one day Little Debbie wondered away from her Safe little home in total confusion, out into the chaotic and scary "big-wide world". What followed was a serious of queer, and almost psychedelic experiences that forced Debbie to turn her asshole and her brain inside out. Being the ultimate consumer of pleasure, she finally mind-fucked herself for good.

The realization was intense as pain. Pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain. Can't have one with out the other.
Little Miss is still far from a yoga Guru. A psychological mess with a multi -personality disorder, indeed, Yes, well we all wear many faces inside and out ....

One thing for sure though .... no more junk food and cheap thrills for this one. She wants it all!!!! ... the deepest love of pleasure and pain life can offer.

Well .. Good luck we say. You go girl!
Little Debbie
Like A Book adds to Miss Massive Snowflake's expanding library of curious and clever progressive pop songs. The charismatic and playful band experiment with orchestral jazz, candy pop, and free-spirited psychedelic rock to create a unique musical vernacular. Miss Massive Snowflake marry traditional familiarities and edgy concepts with catchy energetic rock, and craft deceptively intricate songs. Like a Book blends angled radio hits, a jazz sensibililty, and boy band punk.

With an emotive voice, compelling lyrics, and sounding at times like a west coast Talking Heads, a Bowie, or a Hendrix, Shane de Leon sings short story song blasts over an adventurous mix, a sort of Flaming Lips / Minutemen mash up. There is an inspiring fire that burns through Like a Book's 10 tracks and 33 minutes. The drums and bass drive while horns punch into screwed groove guitar riffs producing beautiful, moving, and intellectually satisfying rock music.

The songwriter, guitarist, and creative director, Shane de Leon, started the band in 2004 as a family recording project while still in Portland art rock collective, Rollerball. MMS's three early eps and first full length, Queen's Headache, were a mix of electronica, hip hop, and acoustic folk. In 2007 Jeanne Kennedy Crosby entered the band on bass and began moving the band towards a more rock based sound. After the sophomore album Songs about Music was released in 2010, Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle, Paint and Copter) began drumming for the band. Jacopo Andreini (L"enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti) provides horns, percussion, and tour support. Miss Massive Snowflake has played around the West Coast regularly and toured Europe three times.
Venue Information:
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
1710 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA, 94103