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Son Rompe Pera, El Pecado de Juana, Sonido DiscoMovil Salazar
with El Pecado de Juana, Sonido DiscoMovil Salazar
May 30, 2024 9:00 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Brick and Mortar Music Hall , 1710 Mission Street , San Francisco, CA (map)
$25 ADV / $30 DOS
Son Rompe Pera
Born and raised in Naucalpan, the deep outskirts of Mexico City, the Gama brothers and their
band Son Rompe Pera have thrashed through all preconceived notions of what a
marimba-centered band is, and have rendered the instrument inseparable from their punk
ethos. Their shows have become home to the now-infamous marimba mosh pit across the
globe, joining intergenerational audiences in moments of essential release and community
around their hard-hitting, forward-thinking, unrelenting punk-infused cumbias. With two
critically-acclaimed records under their belt, and hundreds of shows on some of the world’s most
prestigious stages to a rapidly growing audience, the band consistently proves their
boundlessness as far as where they can take the genre, standing vehemently by the fact that
traditions are meant to be both honored, broken, and built again.
Son Rompe Pera is responsible for developing and coining the now-global genre ‘Cumbia
Punk’- one rooted in their history which is steeped in deep-hearted rebellion. The Gama
brothers began playing and performing the marimba when they were kids alongside their father,
Batuco, at weddings, quinceañeras, and birthday parties on weekends to help generate income
for the family. Teenagers being teenagers, the brothers rejected the notably un-cool and
tourist-shop-bound instrument out of embarrassment, turning instead to punk. They spent some
time playing in punk and psychobilly bands, but the instrument’s hold proved strong and they
came back to it eventually, taking punk with them this time. They started to put their own punk
twists on traditional cumbia songs, a wildly danceable fusion that’s come to unite global
audiences in sweaty, respectful mayhem.
El Pecado de Juana
Sonido DiscoMovil Salazar