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Event Details

Goldenvoice presents
Father, Ethereal, Jammy, Michael Sneed
with Ethereal, Jammy, Michael Sneed
December 3, 2023 8:00 pm PST (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Brick and Mortar Music Hall , 1710 Mission Street , San Francisco, CA (map)
$20 ADV / $25 DOS
Michael Sneed

At 17, Michael moved to Washington D.C where he made a name for himself in the open mic circuit, shined through warehouse performances, and eventually found himself playing local venues and festival stages. Michael has recently returned home to the Bay Area. A college graduate working as a Starbucks clerk in a Safeway. Drenched in student loans, post college depression, and the stench of coffee, Michael decided it was time for him to work on his first mixtape. He spent a year inside of Bay Area producer, Wax Roof’s, house working on the project with his friends.


The kinky haired, Mario-mustached, Broadway musical loving, Oakland native shares stories and lessons from his childhood as he runs down memory lane and away from the responsibilities of young adulthood on his debut mixtape. Michael blends Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Funk, and Folk to express a boy, on the cusp of adulthood desperately clinging on to his childlike creativity, purity, and innocence.